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across, antiblack, aslant, aslope, athwart, atilt, bendwise, bent, bevel, beveled, bias, biaswise, canting, careening, catercorner, catercornered, chauvinistic, colored, cooked, crossways, crosswise, diagonal, disposed, distorted, doctored, doctrinaire, dogmatic, garbled, inclinational, inclinatory, inclined, inclining, influenced, interested, involved, jaundiced, kittycorner, know-nothing, leaning, listing, misquoted, misrepresented, nonobjective, one-sided, opinionated, out of plumb, out of square, partial, partisan, perverted, pitched, predisposed, prejudiced, prepossessed, racist, raking, recumbent, sexist, shelving, shelvy, sideling, sidelong, slant, slanted, slanting, slantways, slantwise, sloped, sloping, strained, superpatriotic, swayed, tendentious, thwart, tilted, tilting, tipped, tipping, tipsy, tortured, transverse, twisted, ultranationalist, undetached, undispassionate, unneutral, warped, xenophobic

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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